Post doctoral associate: In vivo biology


Responsible for execution of in vivo and ex vivo studies related to new approaches for cancer therapy using genetically engineered murine models. This work will not only involve scientific studies to investigate the biology and pathogenesis of cancer, but also to study the effect of small molecule intervention using novel compounds and/or biologic agents.

Responsible for all aspects of the breeding and maintenance of several strains of genetically manipulated mice. This will include monitoring individual mice, strains and colonies, genotyping, collecting tissue, embryos and biopsies, tissue processing and cataloguing, and generating established cell lines for molecular and cell biology experiments.

Training will be provided for the performance of in vivo ultrasonography for assessment of tumour development, and assessment of impact of therapy.

Required qualifications

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Pharmacology or related field.

At least 3 years’ experience of research using mouse models of cancer.

Relevant laboratory expertise must include animal husbandry and colony management, proficiency in DNA, RNA and protein isolation, Genotyping and PCR.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience in working with genetically engineered mouse models including cellular and molecular biological procedures.

Experience in conducting in vivo preclinical cancer chemoprevention and therapeutics experiments desired.

Experience in in vivo experimental techniques including oral gavage, tail-vein bleeding and necropsy for tissue collection, as well as generation of primary tumour cell lines, mouse embryo fibroblast generation and development of xenograft models strongly preferred.

Experience with RT-PCR, Western blot analysis and immunohistochemistry, as well as in cell culture and cell biology methods, is desired.


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Status of Position: Open