Centre for Neurodevelopmental Synaptopathies

Prof. Sumantra Chattarji (NCBS)
(Theme Coordinator)

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Dr. Ravi Muddashetty
(Research Investigator)

Regulation of protein synthesis and the disorders of neuronal development and plasticity

Dr. Siddharthan Chandran (Univ. Edinburgh)
(Collaborative Science Chair)

Dr. Peter Kind (Univ.Edinburgh)
(Collaborative Science Chair)

The Accelerator program for Discovery in Brain disorders using Stem cells

Dr. Mahendra Rao
(Collaborative Science Chair)

Dr. Sanjeev Jain (NIMHANS)
(Visiting Faculty)

Dr. Raghu Padinjat (NCBS)
(Principal Investigator)

Analysis of phosphoinositide signalling