C-CAMP is delighted to announce a quarterly certificated Hands-On Training Course in Proteomics for researchers in academia, startups and industry that will be completely hands-on and in-person including instrument-time and data analysis. The second course of the series is coming up. 


Dates: 26th - 28th September

Venue: C-CAMP, Bangalore, India

The course is intended to cover introductory proteomics, applicable protocols and technologies through comprehensive, hands-on-training of the various proteomics workflows. This course will equip the participants with a solid understanding of proteomics workflows for use in their own experiment design and analyses.


Sample preparation strategies for Protein identification and quantiation

Phosphopeptide enrichment and analysis

Protein quantitation strategies

Data acquisition and analysis

Register https://forms.gle/bHjge8LKeTtQ3eWi7 by 12th Sept, 2022

Fees Structure 

Academia - Rs. 17700.00  (Including GST @ 18%)

Startup - Rs. 24780.00  (Including GST @ 18%)

Industry - Rs. 35400.00  (Including GST @ 1

For more details, please visit https://www.ccamp.res.in/hands-training-course-proteomics-0

For more information & registration, please write to proteomics2022[at]ccamp.res.in

Last Date of Application: 

Monday, September 12, 2022