The workshop, conducted by members of the Barefoot Theatre Company, Delhi, explores creative links between scientific ideas and theatrical practices, such as music, rhythm and movement. 

Exploring Theatrical practices for communication of scientific ideas


We would like to help participants achieve/experience:

- discovering new ways to take science to a more general community

- find ease in body, mind and spirit + to activate body/mind/spirit

- work towards more effective and real communication with others

- be spontaneous, think out of the box – to allow the ‘Silly Self’ to flow!

- enjoy fun down-time!


Workshop synopsis: 

Four-hour INTENSIVE music, rhythm and movement workshop (which can also be broken down into two separate sessions).

The first part of the workshop will introduce participants to various building blocks of movement, music and rhythm. The last one hour will be devoted to USING the creative skills acquired to work with one or more scientific concepts/ideas in depth – exploring them in smaller groups through the mediums of movement and music, in order to help gain fresh perspectives and explore ways of communicating the same through a new, performative language.


Tentative details of the workshop:

- Basic body awareness – working with various body parts separately and in unison. Exploring mind-body connect, developing a sense of ease both anatomically and by utilizing power of the mind

- Concept of movement as discovery, letting go of ‘dance’ concept – i.e. EVERYONE is a dancer!

– Introduction to a few different types of movement possibilities 

- Introduction to using imagination to drive movement

- Alertness as a two-way conversation between self and ‘other’. Finding spontaneous stimulus from within the immediate environment.

- Introduction to basic elements of music + rhythm (tempo, beats break down, stress and spaces) 

- Use of musical elements to tell a story effectively

- Guided small projects, utilising skills acquired



Participants will be required to wear comfortable clothing that they can move around in easily, such as track pants, sweats, salwars, stretchable fabrics; no jeans or tight clothing. They will work barefoot. They will be asked to come prepared with a few areas of their curriculum or any scientific subject that they are currently interested in.