The primary remit of the RIO is to oversee the research ethics and integrity in relation to BLiSC research and innovation activities. The RIO works with 3 primary verticals under the supervision of the Faculty Advisory Committee consisting of DBT-inStem and NCBS-TIFR leadership:-
1. Policy formulation and intervention: The office formulates relevant policies, standard operating protocols, and procedures to help institutional leadership on ethics and integrity matters arising out of the ongoing and completed research activities at the institute.
2. Documentation: To improve the transparency and reproducibility of research conducted at the institute, the RIO maintains a central data repository for research outcomes. Additionally, the RIO also helps in data compilation, and report preparation.
3. Capacity Building: The RIO conducts academic training programs for various stakeholders (e.g., ethics courses for doctoral students, project personnel, research associates, trainees and monthly awareness seminars for visitors). Additionally, RIO also explores new tools which are being used internationally to safeguard research ethics and integrity at institutes for higher education.