Prof. Ramaswamy S
(Visiting Faculty and Theme Coordinator)

Biochemistry and BioPhysics

Ashok Venkitaraman
(Theme Coordinator)

Chemical Biology and Therapeutics

Dr. Akash Gulyani
(Assistant Investigator)

Cellular dynamics

Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula
(Associate Investigator)

Laboratory of Self-Assembled Biomaterials & Translational Research

Dr. Dasaradhi Palakodeti
(Associate Investigator)

Model systems to study regeneration

Centre for Chemical Biology and Therapeutics

Prof. Ashok Venkitaraman
(Collaborative Science Chair and Theme Coordinator)

Chemical Biology and Therapeutics

Gayathri Sadasivam
(Lab Lead, High-throughput Screening and Cell Biology)

Kavitha Bharatham
(Lab Lead, Computational Chemistry)

Vijay Potluri
(Team Lead, Medicinal Chemistry)

Neelagandan Kamariah
(Team Lead, Structural Biology)

Anandi Karumbati
(Team Lead, Infectious Diseases/Immunology)