Job Title: Research/Laboratory Technician with the Tata Institute of Genetics and Society, inStem labs, Bangalore, Karnataka

Key Responsibilities:

  • Mass production of mosquitoes at all stages of the life cycle. Feeding mosquito, cleaning rearing equipment.

  • Performing basic duties for quality assurance, collection and storage of mosquitoes.

  • Performing basic lab and rearing facility maintenance.

  • Document and communicate daily work activity to ensure completion.

  • Responsible for making sure safe work practices and procedure are followed at all times.

  • Properly handle and deliver mosquito specimens to laboratory.

  • Perform general laboratory quality assurance including quality control of reagents, equipment and methods.

  • Clean and sterilize laboratory equipment. Washing, sterilisation and disposal, perform quality checks and contribute to the general cleanliness and upkeep of the insectary

  • This person will report to the Insectary Manager.

Most of the work will be done indoors in lab/insectary environment with controlled temperature.

Essential Qualifications:

B.Sc in Life Sciences subjects and two years work experience in the field of entomology and mosquito handling


Work experience in mosquito rearing and handling

 Application deadline: Mar 25, 2018

Applicants are requested to email with a CV, brief write-up covering letter describing your interest and qualifications for the job.



Status of Position: Open