The National Center for Biological Sciences & Insti tute for Stem Cell B iology and R egenerative Medecine Bangalore Bio - Cluster Animal Care and Resource Center is looking for new Facility Assistants to work in our world class Specific Pathogen Free laboratory animal facility. This is a great opportunity for young scien tist or tech nicians wishing to gain experience and high quality training in SPF Laboratory Animal Sciences .

Qualification & Exp erience: JRF level / BE/B.Tech/ M.Pharma/Masters in any biol ogical sciences discipline with prior experience or training in l aboratory animal sciences. P reference will be given to candidates with g ood experience and expertise in mou se methodologies and surgeries with excellent organization, recordke eping, and communication skills. Candidates must be fluent in spoken and written English.

Job Responsibilities:

- Oversee the routine animal husbandry and welfare activities of an imal care takers/support staff and students.

- Assist the facility v eterinarian in provi ding guidance and training to new students/animal users/care taker staff in the proper use of the SPF Animal facility, humane handling of animals, implement ing facility SOPs and proper laboratory animal Ethics .

- Training and a ssisting users in surgical procedures such as anes thesia, analgesia, breeding and maintenance of animal colonies; weaning, sexing, tail biopsies for genotyping, establishing timed pregnant females, euthanasia etc.

- Rigorous animal monitoring and m anagement of breeding and experimental animal usage records us ing the barcoded Animal Colony M anagement System.

- Assisting the Mouse Genome Engineering staff in various related mol ecular biology procedures, in vitro fe rtilization, stock cryopreservation, embryo transfers and animal surgeries.

- The Animal Facility is an essential service, so selected Facility Assistant must be ready to work in shifts during Week - Ends and h olidays when required as per Veterinarian’s instructions.

Pay Scale: As per Govt. norms based on experience and qualification.

HOW to apply:
                              Please carefully read in structions below –
                              Invalid & incomplete applications will NOT be considered

Candidates MUST send an updated CV/resume AND a MANDATORY one page COVER LETTER written b y the candidate describing his/her background and his reason and interest for applying to this particular animal facility assistant job . The TWO documents ( CV + COVER LETTER ) should be saved with the candi d ate ’ s name in the file name and sent via email to: before March 23 rd 2018.

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Status of Position: Open