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Mass Spectrometry Facility - Instruments

Instruments for Proteomics / Protein Characterization

Thermo Q-Exactive - The combination of LC separation, high resolution MS and MS2 analysis should provide unambiguous and precise characterization of different classes of lipids in biological samples. Q-exactive MS with its mass resolution of 140,000 at 400 m/z and mass accuracy of 1-2 ppm is optimized for lipidomics and metabolomics experiments.  HCD fragmentation using stepped normalised collision energies is an excellent tool for identification and quantitation of different classes of lipids. Sciex QTRAP 6500 MS/MS - One of the best is class triple-quadrupole MS instrument for the targeted quantitative analysis with MS3 fragemntation that enable for identification as well. It also equipped with the differnetial ion mobility technology.
Agilent nano HPLC - This LC system with flow rate ranges from 100 nl/min to 1ul/min is suitable for high sensitivity MS detection and 2 dimensional separation. Advion Triversa NanoMate Robot - Uses a chip based technology for stable sample infusion at nano litre flow rate.