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RNA Biology & Regeneration Lab


A cell undergoes dynamic changes during its transition from one cell state to another, which happens during both tissue morphogenesis and stem cell function. However, the underlying mechanisms critical for these changes remain poorly understood. Our lab is interested in exploring the regulatory networks that fine-tune gene expression, such as post-transcriptional gene regulation. Often, the mere expression of an mRNA does not relate to its functionality, which suggest presence of certain “determinants” that dictate when and where these mRNAs should be translated. These regulatory networks involve coordination between miRNAs, several RNA binding proteins and various other RNA species. We employ a whole organism (using planarian Schmidtea mediterranea regeneration) approach coupled with in vitro data (embryonic stem cell differentiation) to understand these regulatory networks. Further, we employ a metabolomics and glycomics approach to understand regeneration and cell state transitions.


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Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator
Dasaradhi Palakodeti

Dasaradhi Palakodeti

Principal Investigator

dasaradhip at instem dot res dot in

Graduate Students

Graduate Student

Nivedita Chaudhary

niveditac at instem dot res dot in
Education: MSc Medical Biotechnology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
Our project delves into the role of Tudor proteins in stemness and regeneration, expanding their study from germline to somatic stem cells. Using planaria and mouse embryonic stem cells as models, we aim to unravel the proteins' functions in these contexts.

Graduate Student

Atriya Mazumdar

matriya at instem dot res dot in
Education: MSc biotechnology from RGCB, Trivandrum.
Our research focuses on understanding the role of Poly A Tail length in mRNA localization, bridging a critical gap in existing knowledge. While much is known about its influence on stability and translation, the mechanism governing localization remains unclear. Using planaria as model system, we aim to address this question.

Graduate Student

Nikhil Kumar Jaligam

nikhilkk at instem dot res dot in
Education: M.Sc from Osmaina University.
I am interested in the fields of regeneration and stem cell biology, exploring the translational regulation of stem cells and the pivotal role of ribosomes in this process. By unraveling the intricate mechanisms governing cellular rejuvenation, I aim to contribute to advancements in regenerative medicine and therapeutic interventions.

Graduate Student

Sharon Samuel

sharonsamuel at instem dot res dot in
Education: M. Pharm from Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.
I am interested in the molecular aspects of regeneration, in Planarian flatworms, and how stem cells interact in an in vivo system.

Graduate Student

Namita Mukundan

namitam at instem dot res dot in
Education: MSc Biotechnology from Amrita School of Biotechnology , Kerala.
Understanding the role of PolyA Binding Protein (Nuclear) in planarian homeostasis & regeneration.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post Doc

Ankit Arora

aankit at instem dot res dot in
Education: Phd from University of Cologne, Germany.
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis

Junior Research Fellows

Junior research fellow

Swathi Pavithran

swathipavithran at instem dot res dot in
Education: M.Sc Biotechnology from Christ University, Bangalore.
Our project focuses on exploring the translational control mechanisms that govern stem cell state transitions using the planarian species, Schmidtea mediterranea as a model system. Specifically, we are investigating the role of ribosomal proteins in translational regulation during cellular differentiation.


Niyanta Kumar Junior Research Fellow 2010-2012 PhD Student
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Srishti Baid Junior Research Fellow 2015-2017 PhD Student
University of kansas
Viraj Doddihal Masters dissertation Student 2014-2015 PhD Student
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Giulia iFOM Exchange Student 2015-2016 Masters Student
iFOM, Italy
Aparna Nair Junior Research Fellow 2012-2014 PhD Student
CSIR Neet, Nagpur
Prathyusha Pavanram Junior Research Fellow 2012-2014 Research Assistant
Uniklinik RWTH, Aachen, Germany
Divya Sridhar Junior Research Fellow 2014-2016 PhD Student
University of Oxford
Pranavi Dasari Junior Research Fellow 2012-2014 Agastya International Foundation
Deepak Poduval Balakrishnan Junior Research Fellow 2012-2014 PhD Student
University of Bergen
Debayan Bose Junior Research Fellow 2012-2013 PhD Student
Academia Sinica
Davide Saroni iFOM Exchange Student 2015-2016 Completed Masters
Vidyanand Sasidharan Graduate Student 2012-2017 Post Doctral Fellow
Sánchez Lab, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Dhiru Bansal Graduate Student 2012-2017 Post Doctral Fellow
Miska Lab, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge
Praveen Anand Post Doctoral Fellow 2015-2016 Post Doctrol Fellow
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Rosana Babu Post Doctrol Fellow 2016-2017 Post Doctrol Fellow
University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Anna Protasio Post Doctrol Fellow 2016-2018 Post Doctorol Fellow
University of Cambridge and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK.
Kaushik Iyer Junior Research Fellow 2017-2018 Pandorum Technologies, CCAMP, Bangalore.
Arunabha Sarkar Senior Research Fellow 2017-2018
Nishtha Nayyar Post Doctoral Fellow 2016-2018 Principal Investigator
NBAIR, Bangalore.
Jahnavi Kulkarni Junior Research Fellow 2015-2019 Biomarker Scientist
Rajdeep Das Post Doctoral Fellow 2017-2019 Post Doctoral Fellow
NCBS, Bangalore.
Sabarinath PS Post Doctoral Fellow 2014-2017 Post Doctoral Fellow
University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Sai Sowndarya Junior Research Fellow 2018-2020 Graduate Student
York University, Canada.
Srikar Krishna Graduate Student 2011-2021 Post Doctoral Fellow
Yale University.
Mohamed Haroon Graduate Student 2017-2021 Post Doctoral Fellow
inStem, Bangalore.
Vairavan Lakshmanan Graduate Student 2013-2021 Post Doctoral Fellow
NCCS-GIS, Singapore.
Souradeep Sarkar Graduate Student 2016-2022 Post Doctoral Fellow
Stanford University.
Venitha Bernard Junior Research Fellow 2021-2022 Graduate Student
University of Pennsylvania.
Nivitha Murali Junior Research Fellow 2019-2020 Graduate Student
University of Pennsylvania
Navjoth Menon Junior Research Fellow 2020-2021 Eurofins IT delivery center.
Sheetal Ambardar Post Doctoral Fellow 2018-2019 Assistant Professor
University of Jammu
Vinay Kumar Dubey Graduate Student 2017-2024 Post Doctoral Fellow
Duke University
Nivedita Hariharan Graduate Student 2017-2024 Setting up a


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