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Highlighted Publications

Jain A, Dhiman S, Dhayani A, Vemula PK, George SJ. Chemical fuel-driven living and transient supramolecular polymerization. Nat Commun. 2019 Jan 25;10(1):450.

Thorat K, Pandey S, Chandrashekharappa S, Vavilthota N, Hiwale AA, Shah P, Sreekumar S, Upadhyay S, Phuntsok T, Mudnakudu-Nagaraju KK, Mahato M, Sunnapu O, Vemula PK* “Prevention of pesticide-induced neuronal  dysfunction and mortality with nucleophilic poly-Oxime gel” Sci. Adv. 2018, 4, eaau1780.

Rao, R.A., Ketkar, A.A., Kedia, N., Krishnamoorthy, V.K., Lakshmanan, V., Kumar, P., Mohanty, A., Kumar, S.D., Raja, S.O., Gulyani, A. and Chaturvedi, C.P., Brand, M., Palakodeti, D. and Rampalli, S. 2019. KMT1 family methyltransferases regulate heterochromatin–nuclear periphery tethering via histone and non‐histone protein methylation. EMBO reports, p.e43260.

Mittal A, Rana S, Sharma R, Kumar A, Prasad R, Raut SK, Sarkar S, Saikia UN, Bahl A, Dhandapany PS, Khullar M. Myocardin ablation in a cardiac-renal rat model. Sci Rep. 2019 Apr 10;9(1):5872

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The Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), is dedicated to the study of stem cell and regenerative biology.



The National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), located in Bangalore, is part of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.



Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) is an initiative of Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt.of India, with a mandate to be an enabler of cutting-edge life science research and innovation.