Working at inStem: what we have and where we aim to be

The inStem campus is lucky to have open green spaces, many trees, bushes (w-free), flowering plants, migrating butterflies, geckos, bees and bats. We are located in the postgraduate campus of the University of Agricultural Sciences, which has generously leased us 20 acres. Our visitors and us have a pleasant, quiet and green environment to work and relax. We have terrace cafeterias where coffee, snacks and light meals are served and birthdays celebrated. Several handy chalkboards have made these cafeterias centers for discussion. Some of these discussions have recently crystallized into a student-run symposium exploring different areas in biology. A large canteen serves full meals from breakfast to dinner. The canteen is located near a pond fed by harvested rainwater and clean water from treated sewage. The pond-side is where we gather for dinner after on-campus symposia and public lectures. We have an amphitheater that serves as an interactive place for tea after scientifically exciting seminars. Facilities for tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and a gym are all available. We provide transport to all members of the community into the ever-expanding Bangalore city. We also help our staff and faculty with their commute to work. We have excellent accommodation for students and post-doctoral fellows. We accommodate some faculty on campus and the rest in comfortable apartments and houses close to campus. We do need to expand our campus housing for faculty as well as our excellent administrative and technical staff. In the near future we hope to expand our hostel, sports facilities and housing to keep pace with our scientific growth.

One major factor that enhances the quality of life on campus is our on-campus child-care and after-school program. This facility aims to be a complete one-stop solution for child-care for children from the ages of 1 to 10 years. The campus environment provides space, lush greenery, a park and a sand pit for children to play and learn. Over the years, our teachers, staff, several visiting consultants, parents and exceptional institutional support have helped develop the childcare center into an excellent facility. The day-to-day affairs of the facility are coordinated by several experienced teachers. The inStem community at large provides a rich learning environment. We have several artists, wildlife lovers, storytellers and musicians on campus who informally participate in various activities at the child care center. We have age appropriate fun and educational activities for infants, toddlers, pre-school and school going children. Current efforts are geared towards developing a stimulating after-school program supplemented with off-campus activities such as swimming, volunteer work and music in addition to homework and examination-related studies. We also undertake field trips to various locations such as parks, science museums, circuses and dance concerts. Good childcare is a major factor that achieves a supportive workplace for working parents. We aim to provide a facility that recognizes the needs of working parents while providing children with a nurturing environment.