Fundamental to the nature of human existence is the ability for a single stem cell to divide and differentiate into multiple cell types. This phenomenon is pivotal to the repair and regeneration of organs. However, despite all the advances in biology many fundamental questions about how these work remain unanswered. Our approach is to develop innovative chemical biology-based technologies, including small molecules, biomaterials, single cell analysis, and genomic tools for systematic modulation of stem cells (in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo) to investigate fundamental principles of tissue repair and regeneration, which enables to develop efficient therapeutics.

  • Leveraging the whole body or tissue-specific regenerative models to delineative fundamental principles in regeneration

  • Small molecules/biologics as therapeutics by modulating cells and stem cells

  • Synthetic scaffolds to culture, store and modulate stem cells. Generating organs-on-chips and model disease-in-a-dish.

  • Developing biomaterials and bioengineering concepts to deliver chemical and biological active molecules to modulate function of stem cells


Dr.Dasaradhi Palakodeti Dr.Praveen Kumar Vemula Ashok Venkitaraman


Associated Faculty - Dr.Dasaradhi Palakodeti,Dr.Praveen Kumar Vemula, Dr.Minajuddin Sirajuddin, Dr.Sunil Laxman,
                                Prof.Colin Jamora ,Program of Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Team