Those who have qualified in the CSIR/ICMR examination and would like to join inStem as junior research fellows must have a clear idea of their research interests. If their research interests match with those of our research faculty, please do contact them directly. M.Sc/B.E./B.Tech candidates also can contact the research faculty directly. They will be supported by the Project Incharge's research grants, if selected.

JRFs are not ordinarily allowed to register for a degree. If a Junior Research Fellows wants to register for a degree, they should apply in response to advertisements appearing nationally in Augsut/September every year. If the selected candidate features on the waiting list for admission, (s)he can register for a degree while working on the grant. (S)he will be treated on par with students paid from inStem funds. Once registered for a degree, the JRF will be subject to all the academic requirements that inStem-paid students are.

Candidates on the Integrated PhD wait list can register for the MSc by research degree at TIFR Deemed University if a faculty member supports from his/her research grants.

Junior Research Fellows will be provided accommodation depending on the availability; otherwise they have to make their own arrangement for accommodation.