Director: Professor Sumantra Chattarji

Professor Chattarji is Principal Investigator at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS). His lab investigates the cellular basis of emotional memories, and how these are affected by behavioural and genetic perturbations.

Associate Director: Professor Siddharthan Chandran

Professor Chandran is MacDonald Professor of Neurology at the University of Edinburgh. His research combines laboratory and clinical activity that includes human stem cells and specialist clinics (multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease) to both study disease as well as undertake early-phase clinical trials.

Associate Director: Professor Peter Kind

Professor Kind is Professor of Developmental Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. His lab examines the cellular dysfunction associated with fragile X syndrome and related monogenic forms of intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

Principal Investigator: Professor Upinder Bhalla

Professor Bhalla is Dean of the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS). Professor Bhalla’s group is researching sensory representations. For this, his group studies how brain activity encodes sensory stimuli, especially in the olfactory system and in the hippocampus.

Principal Investigator: Professor Richard Morris

Professor Morris is Royal Society/Wolfson Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. The focus of Professor Morris’ research group is on developing a neurobiological account of the functions of the hippocampal formation in memory.

Principal Investigator: Dr Ravi Muddashetty

Dr Muddashetty is a Senior Fellow at The Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem). The goal of Dr Muddashetty’s group is to elucidate the molecular basis for synaptic dysfunction in developmental disorders of the nervous system.


Principal Investigator: Professor David Wyllie


Professor Wyllie is Professor of Ion Channel Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Edinburgh. Professor Wyllie’s lab is studying how glutamate and related ligands interact in the binding site of the NMDA receptor and control its activity. This is essential for an understanding of both normal and abnormal function.

 Reader/ Scientist E (DBT funded position): Dr. Aditi Bhattacharya 


Dr. Bhattacharya is a Reader/ Independent Research Investigator at The Center for Brain Development and Repair. Her interest lies in decoding the proteome and translational control in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disability.

Postdoctoral and Graduate Students


 Adam Jackson


 Dr. Rakhi Pal


Deepika Patel


Dr. Amita Sneh


Sudhiriti Gosh Dastedar


Preeti Kute


Dr. Biju Vishwanath



Vishal Tiwary


Dr. Reena Rathod


Sreenath Ravindran



Rashmi Jejurikar


Bharath Kumar Reddy     Shreya Das Sharma Rohini Subrahmanyam


Affiliate Members:

Professor Sir Adrian Bird (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Michael Cousin (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Giles Hardingham (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Sanjeev Jain (Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bangalore)

Dr Matt Nolan (University of Edinburgh)

Professor Ian Wilmut FRS, FRSE (University of Edinburgh)