TitleThe story of rRNA expansion segments: Finding functionality amidst diversity.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsHariharan N, Ghosh S, Palakodeti D
JournalWiley Interdiscip Rev RNA
Date Published2022 Apr 15

Expansion segments (ESs) are multinucleotide insertions present across phyla at specific conserved positions in eukaryotic rRNAs. ESs are generally absent in bacterial rRNAs with some exceptions, while the archaeal rRNAs have microexpansions at regions that coincide with those of eukaryotic ESs. Although there is an increasing prominence of ribosomes, especially the ribosomal proteins, in fine-tuning gene expression through translation regulation, the role of rRNA ESs is relatively underexplored. While rRNAs have been established as the major catalytic hub in ribosome function, the presence of ESs widens their scope as a species-specific regulatory hub of protein synthesis. In this comprehensive review, we have elaborately discussed the current understanding of the functional aspects of rRNA ESs of cytoplasmic eukaryotic ribosomes and discuss their past, present, and future. This article is categorized under: RNA Structure and Dynamics > Influence of RNA Structure in Biological Systems Translation > Ribosome Structure/Function Translation > Regulation.

Alternate JournalWiley Interdiscip Rev RNA
PubMed ID35429135
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