We are organizing a two-day scientific illustration workshop at inStem for interested students of the BLiSC community.

Scientific illustration is essential for researchers and scientists to communicate their findings clearly and concisely. Whether you are creating a visual representation of an ecosystem, an organism, a cell, a molecule or a complex biological process, scientific illustration can enhance the impact of your scientific research. The workshop is specifically designed to help early career researchers develop their skills in scientific illustration and apply those skills to communicate scientific concepts to a broader audience better.

Workshop instructor: Ipsa Jain (Ipsawonders)

The sessions will be interactive, with lots of drawing (without judgement on skill levels) and peer discussions. Due to the hands-on nature of the workshop, we can only accept a limited number of participants. Interested students are requested to fill out the form; Google form. We will review the applications, and shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Tentative structure of the sessions will be;

Session 1: Images in science

Classification and classical examples (Allan Gross's examples, ten observations from classical examples)

Drawing activities: Drawing pieces of a single image, Drawing text, redraw micrographia image

Activity: Observational drawings, labelling, composition

Scientific progress from observational drawings (Haeckel's images, personal work)

Transformation of images, meaning-making, storytelling (DNA story or Darwin story)

Drawing activities: Drawing based on word prompts, drawing a widely known concept

Session 2: Visual Science Communication

Mediums, audiences, intent-content-context bridges

Activity: Compare visual media for similar content made for different audiences

Clarity vs complexity and other relevant decisions

Group activity: Make a poster/zine/infographic for a chosen research topic and given constraints

When: 08 & 09 June 2023

Where: DBT-inStem

Registration Fee: Rs 1000 (for shortlisted candidates)

Registration deadline: 31-05-2023

Register here: Google form