Selected Publications/ Patents:

  • S. Mayor, A.Munjal, T.A.Saiyed  A. S. Karumbati, R. Vishwakarma, P.P. Singh et al. (2018) Inhibitors to target HIV-1 Nef-CD80/CD86 interactions for therapeutic intervention (Provisional number: PD016804IN-SC)
  • A.S. Karumbati (2014) Autoimmune disease diagnostics: Global Markets. BCC Research, Wellesley, MA, USA.
  • A. S. Karumbati and T. E. Wilson (2005) Abrogation of the Chk1-Pds1 checkpoint leads to tolerance of persistent single-strand breaks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 169(4): 1833-44.
  • A. S. Karumbati, R. A. Deshpande,  A. Jilani,  J. R. Vance, D. Ramotar,  T. E. Wilson (2003) The role of yeast DNA 3' phosphatase Tpp1 and Rad1/Rad10 endonuclease in processing spontaneous and induced base lesions., J Biol Chem 278(33):31434-43.
  • A. Srinivasan, L. W. Robertson and G. Ludewig. (2002) Sulfhydryl binding and Topoisomerase inhibition by PCB metabolites. , Chem. Res. Toxicol. , 15, 497-505.

Invited Talks:

  • A.S. Karumbati. Inhibitors of protein-protein interactions: HIV-1 Nef-CD80/86 for potential interventions.  LSRIEAS 2018, Pilani, India.
  • A.S Karumabati. Harnessing the power of the cell  (JSB Seminar Series). May 21, 2018.  University of Putra, Malaysia
  • A.S. Karumbati. Genetics, Microbiology and Biostatistics. August 10, 2016.  Mount Carmel Collage, Bangalore, India
  • A. S. Karumbati.  Practical aspects of Cell Biology.  September 13, 2015. Mount Carmel Collage, Bangalore, India
  • J.Mason, A. S. Karumbati, C. Guo, G. Westfield and J. M. Sekiguchi. Role of a novel nuclease, Snm1b in DNA repair processes.  Presented at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Department of Human genetics, Univeristy of Michigan, May 2006.
  • A. S. Karumbati and T. E. Wilson.  Checkpoint mutations suppress the slow growth phenotype of 3’ phosphatase-deficient yeast. Presented at the 2004 Yeast Genetic and Molecular biology Meeting (Seattle, WA).