inStem, NCBS and the University of Edinburgh have set up a collaborative Centre for Brain Development and Repair, funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (DBT), that will be based in inStem. The Centre will be headed by Prof. Sumantra “Shona” Chattarji, a neurobiologist at NCBS. Prof Siddharthan Chandran and Prof Peter Kind from the University of Edinburgh will act as Associate Directors.

The initial thrust of the Centre will be to conduct studies specifically focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorders/Intellectual Disabilities (ASD/ID). The Centre will work towards developing strong translational studies in the field of neurological and psychiatric brain disorders.

Working on ambitious, collaborative projects, research at the CBDR will look at neurodevelopment, synaptic function and plasticity using stem cells and behavioural models. CBDR’s research is strongly targeted at developing novel therapeutic interventions. CBDR aims to nurture a strong program and working environment that encourages the growth of clinician scientists.