Internal Complaints Committee (PoSH)

The members are:

  1. Dr. Tina Mukherjee – Associate Investigator & Presiding Officer

  2. Dr. Bhavana Muralidharan- Assistant Investigator & Member

  3. Dr. Sudarshan Gadadhar– Assistant Investigator & Member

  4. Dr. Ketan Thorat – Regulatory Compliance Officer & Member

  5. Ms. Shobha R. – Admin Representative & Member

  6. Ms. Nivedita Chaudhary – PhD Student & Member

  7. Ms. Caroline Lobo, Consultant, Bengaluru – External expert

The committee shall work to ensure a sense of safe work environment for DBT-inStem students and employees, and to provide a mechanism for redressing grievances in situations of harassment in the workplace as per the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and the campus policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment. Any issues relating to sexual harassment, gender discrimination and professional misconduct at the workplace can be brought to any of the members of the committee in confidence.

The committee is also entrusted with the responsibility of spreading awareness on campus and training the campus staff on professional ethics and ways to cope with any adverse situations/incidents at the workplace. In this regard, the members of the DBT-inStem-ICC with the approval of the Presiding Officer hold meetings and campus-wide training programmes. Also, being a part of the Bangalore Life Science Cluster (BLiSC) where DBT-inStem shares the same campus with NCBS-TIFR, TIGS, and C-CAMP; the DBT- inStem ICC may also conduct joint meetings and training programs with other ICCs upon the approval of the campus’s respective ICC Presiding Officers.

ICC Contact : icc at instem dot res dot in

Click here for “Campus Sexual Harassment Guidelines and Process for Redressal”

Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency dial 08067176666 or 08023666666 or 09686375064 .