The primary interest of the Raghavan lab is to elucidate how epithelial homeostasis is maintained in development and perturbed in disease states. We use the mammalian skin as a model system to address these questions.

Postdoctoral positions are immediately in the following areas

  1. Role of micro-RNA’s and other small RNA’s in maintenance of epithelial stem cell homeostasis.
  2. Role of RNA binding proteins in maintaining cell-substratum adhesion.

Specific areas of interest include cell biology, signal transduction, molecular biology and protein biochemistry. Applicants should have a Ph.D. with a strong background in cell biology and biochemistry and excellent written and oral communication skills. Experience working with mouse model systems and using retro/lenti viral vectors will be considered favorably.

More information on the research interests of the lab can be found here

Interested applicants should send their application and names and addresses of three referees to

Status of Position: Open