Category: Research

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The inStem Annual Review March 6 -8th 2017, included an extended 3 days poster session dedicating more than fifty percent of the total time at the meeting to Posters. The extended scientific interactions during these sessions are the core strength of the annual review. The posters displayed research advances at inStem laboratories, their collaborating national and international partnering laboratories as well as groups from NCBS and C-CAMP.

Ten early career researchers were selected from among all the poster presenters, for travel awards to further their careers. The awardees were an enthusiastic and diverse group, comprising of early to mid-level PhDs, final year PhD students and post doctoral fellows. The work they presented at their posters included research spanning basic developmental biology to the role of metabolism in complex organization of yeast colonies, RNA biology of regenerating planaria and plant systems, unconventional ways of cell cycle control in Drosophila airway development and mouse myoblasts, light sensing circuits of animal, mechanical interactions with stem cell niches and finally pathologies of the nervous system.

The travel awards, which are supported by inStem and via the Shanta Wadhwani Centre for Cardiac and Neural Research, are valuable contributions to the overall scientific growth of inStem early career researchers and can be used towards the costs of attending international meetings, conferences and workshops or laboratory visits worldwide, for information exchange and learning advanced skills. Such international exposure to students hones their scientific and intellectual abilities and they gain experience in engaging within a larger scientific community. Such an opportunity is particularly valuable for soon-to-be-graduating Phd students and Post Doctoral Fellows, for highlighting their research to the global scientific community and for planning their future academic career paths.

The poster prize awardees at this year’s inStem Annual reviews are:

Sreenath R; Anushree; Sriram Varahan; Ritusree Biswas; Hardik Gala; Dhiru Bansal; Ketan Thorat; Amrutha K; Alok Javali; Nishan B S