Psoriasis, a skin autoimmune disease has no cure, but often managed with topical formulations such as corticosteroids and vitamin D derivatives that includes skin permeating agents for deeper dermal delivery. Prolonged use of these formulations damage the skin. To address the limitation, Dr.Srujan Marepally’s lab at CSCR, inStem in collaboration with Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula’s lab at inStem developed novel lithocholic acid-based lipidoid that could form lipid nanoparticles spontaneously in the aqueous milieu, permeate through the skin, penetrate the deeper dermal layers, and exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and normalize epidermal hyperplasia. The novel class of drug showed equal efficacy with current marketed formulation Sorvate® in animal models. Toxicological data from the animal studies found to be safe for repeated administrations.

Schematic representation of the mechanism of the novel drug


Skin-Permeable Nano-Lithocholic Lipidoid Efficiently Alleviates Psoriasis-like Chronic Skin Inflammations
Hari Krishnareddy Rachamalla, Chandrashekhar Voshavar, Porkizhi Arjunan, Gokulnath Mahalingam, Rashmi Praksash Chowath, Rajkumar Banerjee, Praveen Kumar Vemula and
Srujan Marepally. March 2022, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
Publication Date: March 29, 2022